"Deborah sees punctuation in sentences like a sommelier senses the bouquet in wine."

David J. Rampulla, President, Island Adworx Advertising Inc. Staten Island, New York

"If advertising copy is like music, punctuation is its rhythm -- and Ms Wright is a masterful conductor."

Warren Lowe, Art Director, Island Adworx Advertising Inc.

"Deborah has a keen eye and the grammatical knowledge that we all wished we’d learned better in school. I fully expect her to edit these comments about her work." (unedited Ed.)
Elliott Forrest, BWTA, A&E Television Networks A&E

"It is great for us when Deborah makes her points in punctuation with such a very high degree of understanding and consistency."
Norbert Specker, Interactive Publishing, Victoria, BC, and Munich, Germany Interactive Publishing

"Deborah’s expertise and knowledge of the written word is truly one of the cornerstones of my success."
J. Robert Whittle, Author of The Lizzie Series Whitlands Publishing

"Deborah’s punctuation tips already have a special place on my desk - right next to my CP Style Guide and my red pen."
Maria Lironi, Cat's-Paw Communications

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