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Campground at Nelson

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Campground at Nelson, BC

The partnership of Deborah Wright and James Hatch came about by James hiring Deborah as an editor for a documentary he was making. Deborah was self-employed as a professional proofreader and her clients were encouraging her to write about punctuation and other edits.

James planned to cross Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and the documentary was on ranching. As other clients had done, from Staten Island, Germany, Switzerland and Russia, James contacted Deborah via the Internet. When they met in Victoria, BC, in June 2000, James showed an interest in the draft form of the booklet and they went into partnership with Deborah as the writer and James as the publisher.

While they were working together, they realized how much they had in common with the result that after James drove back to Nova Scotia, he proposed to Deborah and they were married in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, West Indies on December 22nd, 2000.

The first bookstore to accept the booklets for sale was Bolen Books, closely followed by Munro's and Tanners Books - all local independent bookstores. A marketing trip on Vancouver Island resulted in sales to Malaspina College, Shawnigan Lake School and independent bookstores from Duncan to Powell River. They flew to Nova Scotia in May 2001 and after driving down to Staten Island to visit the proofreading client there. On their return to Nova Scotia, they started selling the booklets and found a niche market in the universities where they were made very welcome. That is the reason for the photos of the universities on the home page.

James and Deborah drove across the country making cold calls on universities along the way. In June 2002, another marketing trip was undertaken through British Columbia and Alberta where independent bookstores were targeted, as well as universities and university colleges along the route. Also, they made visits to previous clients such as the University of Alberta where one of the bookstore's staff said, "The punctuation lady is back, hurrah!"

It is comments such as these that make our contribution to publishing these grammatical booklets so rewarding. The series consists of six, the first four are now published and available either through this website's order form or from the university bookshops and independent bookstores listed under "Outlets." The price is right at only $5.00 per booklet.

The next booklet will be on the subject of spelling and the sixth one is directed to words of the same spelling but different meanings(homograph). In May 2003, another marketing trip is planned to include the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. So keep an eye open for our mobile truck-camper office with distinctive plates VE7CIJ.