Foreword to Booklet #3
101 Capitalization/Number Tips

Think of what you write as a river. Your readers travel down this river - and they want an easy passage. No rocks, no sandbars, no hairpin turns followed by a cataract. Remember, they can go ashore at any time.

You want your readers to have a smooth ride, so they can concentrate on your message. That's what good writing is about. Presenting ideas with no interruptions. No bumps. Nothing to get in the way of what you are trying to convey, be it a sales letter, a love poem, a speech to your club or a public blast in the newspaper at some petty politician.

You can shape your river of words so it's a treat for your audience to travel your way, if you follow the rules. What Deborah Wright does is help you keep your word patterns flowing like a well-mannered stream. In the first of these handy little books, she offered 101 punctuation tips. Book 2 sorted out 101 confused and misused words. Now in book 3, she offers 101 tips on which words to capitalize and how to present numbers.

When it comes to writing, it's just as easy to do it right as it is to do it wrong. If you have the tools. Here are more tools. Smooth sailing.

Photo of sailing boat
Don Vipond, Former Editorial Page Editor
Times Colonist
Victoria, BC Canada