FOREWORD--101 Punctuation Tips

Somewhere in my early school days, we attended classes called "composition" and other classes called "grammar." I know we had those classes because I can remember that's what they were called. But that's all I can remember; I don't even remember what I daydreamed during them as I stared out the windows.

Alas, we weren't to know in our callow youth that, years down the road, many of us would be framing messages, viewpoints, instructions, daily opinions, attempting to manipulate this glorious language in a way which would get our work done and would be clearly understood by our readers, at least in a way which wouldn't embarrass us.

For written language to serve as a quality medium of communication, there have to be a few rules about punctuation. Where do you use the semi-colon? What about square brackets? When don't you use a period?

Along comes Deborah Wright. She knows the rules. She presents the material with witticism. Deborah writes "tight," as we say in newspapers. In this booklet, she presents simple "Do's" and "Don'ts" and gives us plenty of examples. She fills in the memory blanks from those "composition" and "grammar" classes way back when.
Blessings upon her.
Don Vipond, former Editorial Page Edito
Times Colonist, Victoria, BC, Canada