An example of a homonym is the word ball, whether it is a ball used in a football game (see scoreboard) or a formal dance.


Other words considered homonyms are bear (the animal) and bear (to carry). However, the word bare, because of the difference in spelling, is known as a homophone.

In our latest booklet, 101 Homonym Tips, there are another 100 homonyms. Below are lists of homophones and homographs:


(Words with same sound but different spelling)

Word Meaning Word Meaning
arc a segment of a curve ark the boat that Noah built
beach place to sunbathe beech a tree
cede give up seed sow plants
doe female deer dough used to make bread
earn pay from job urn vase
fir a tree fur skin of an animal
gait a horse's step gate a way through a fence
hoarse a rough voice horse an animal
idle not working idol someone who is admired
jewel a precious stone joule a unit of energy
key opens a lock quay jetty or wharf
leak escape of liquid leek vegetable of the onion factory
mince ground meat mints candy
nay negative vote neigh sound from a horse
one a single unit won came first
peace not at war piece slice of pizza
queue to stand in line cue a hint
real not false reel spool of thread
sea ocean see to view
tea a beverage tee supports a golf ball
wait a stationary position weight measurement of heaviness
yoke harness for oxen yolk yellow part of an egg


(Words with same spelling, different pronunciation)

Word First meaning Second meaning
affect have an influence on something to show a pretense
bass deep male voice a fish
close shut near to
desert leave arid country
entrance doorway awestruck
frequent occurring often to visit
gill a measure of liquid a fish organ
harp musical instrument to nag tiresomely
invalid false sick person
Job/job book in Old Testament task
lead contents of pencil to go ahead
minute part of an hour very small
object an article to disagree
present gift current time
refuse to deny garbage
sow female pig to plant seed
tier layer of cake one who ties
viola flower musical instrument
wind as in weather to coil a spring (watch, etc.)