Are the rules of capitalization you follow like throwing darts
and hoping they land in the right place?

It is impossible to give rules that will cover every
conceivable problem in capitalization" (G.P.O. 1984)

With this quote from the Government Printing Office (USA), this booklet endeavours to
show the rules most often followed in order for writing to be consistent. In the case of
companies or departments, it is strongly suggested that a Style Sheet be used by all
writers of material so that words like 'e-mail' and 'online' are either hyphenated or shown as
one word. (An example of a Style Sheet is 'Tip of the Month' page for July 2002.)


While the rules of when to use a figure and when to write out a number are
more readily followed, some differences occur in the conception of numbers. For
example, in the United States, the term 'billion' means a thousand million, but in
many other countries the same word indicates a million million.