Acadia University, Nova Scotia:

"Where have you been for the past 30 years"?
Dr. Richard Davies (Professor & Chair Department of English) June 2000.

Colleen Fennig, an ESL teacher in Korea.

I received the books in good order. I no longer have my writing class but they are
at the school for reference anyway. Thanks for your concern. They are a great
pocket reference for the times students ask those obscure questions.

The Grande Yellowhead Regional School Division

We have just received our order. It's a great little booklet. Thank you for your promptness.
Signed: Bonnie Johann, Secretary

HSBC Bank Canada

What great news about the booklets, I must say I'm not surprised though
it's a product that everyone needs, especially the schools.
Signed: Jane St Pierre (Precision Proofreading Account Manager)

Peter Nash Real Estate, Newport Realty, Victoria, BC, Canada

"Great Booklets!"
Signed: Peter Nash

CIBC-Wood Gundy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The books are great!
Signed: Britt McLeod and Robyn Walter.

House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you so much for the signed books.
I look forward to working with you to get these little jewels into our schools.
Signed: Keith Martin M.P.

Lehigh Cement Company

I was not aware of your series of booklets until I visited the University of Winnipeg to attend a seminar. While browsing through their bookstore, I saw '101 Confused/Misused Words' and immediately purchased copies for the others in our management team in our office. I will investigate the other booklets in the series also as I'm sure they will be as useful as this one.

Signed: Val Hastings

Durham College, Port Hope

I am sorry to hear about your experience with our bookstore and wish there was something more that I could do for you. Furby House is a great bookstore and I am happy that they are supporting your books.

I do remember your visit; I have your card and have referred a number of people to your website. Your products are great and I will tell people when I can.

Thank you for the book, it is a great resource.

Signed: Daryl Bottema

Glendambo Publishing, Saltspring Island, BC

I've been writing novels for the past ten years and recently came across your series of booklets on punctuation, grammar, capitalization, etc. I find these extremely useful as they fit right above my computer within easy reach and whenever I'm stuck for the correct spelling or punctuation, I simply reach up, flip to the area of my ignorance and presto, I'm back in business. Their size is perfect for quick and ready reference and I'd be grateful to be put on your mailing list for any new booklets.

Signed: Anthony Bruce

Ottawa Carleton Catholic School Board

Thank you for the prompt mailing. The pamphlets are great! Bravo!

Signed: Johane Brady.